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A Different take of the Monolith in 2001
Sign of knowledge and of having the ability to
But not a clue as to how
You are not near this yet
Bob L. Petersen

A monolith a sign not angelfire

Someone said something I was working on would be a sign. No it was not to be a sign this is.......

It is just that a sign.

I at a moment when I wanted to show some a sign galanced at someone elses.I decided to try and put real wings on Author C. Clarke monolith.

Author C. Clarke said,"To ever level of intelligence something is majic.

Author C. Clarke monolith something so regular shaped in a nature world does that right there for the monkeys. A definable only a cube or sphere maybe could be more striking.

But at the other near the of the intelligence range it is still striking. From the stand point that he believing he is alone in the unverse or the most advance.

I did start with these next couple of logic extentions but I'll include them here. From just what they could see. The moon scape could not have been altered during man time of existence.

The step I want for was something technical. Not a craved stone, a poured object, or a machined object. There for eons.

My mind must have drifted back to the University, magnetics and something called spater. Spatter is like what comes out os a frying pan that you can't see but still manages to hurt you. They are working with drops of metal less than 50 atoms accross.

Getting to where nearer the place atoms could be place some where one at a time. When your near that point you could start to think what might REALLY be able to do. What is possible with special order of materials? From the same area of study magnetics. Something like a sinthers are naturally alined magnetics of strentghs that we can't achieve. They drift into place in most cases during evaporation.

Remember it's adds things as they fit. If you put something there then something else while fit there.

What else from the book of perfect. The razor blade taken down to near absolute zero. The atoms get aligned during the cooling. There is enough force to realign atoms inside the blade. Which even affects the surface of the blade.

Better strong more near perfect.

Now what do we want, our monolith. That perfect object through eons of time. It must look BRAND NEW.

What is going to cause wear.

Dust mostly some big as sand. But your not going to place it where a even bigger object can fall on it.

What I ended up wanting was layers. Say 5 to 20 atoms deep in a lattice. It's hardness and strentgh come from that lattice. A possibility of a new surface.

We are now close to looking at something like mica. Which you can break off a layer of. Who does it get to be that way. Could there be man made variations?

Here I will be assuming I'm using some variation of what nature has done.

The surface of a layer only loosely bonds to the next layer by the electron balance accross the layer.

On side is slightly positive and the other negative. Now is you damage is over to great of an area. That layer will start to fall apart. Dust finer then we can see. It would still pile up and be seen. One layer could be seen on the ground if there was no wind. Any wind and it would be gone. Gone before anything else would be.

Leaving a new eternal smooth surface.

Beyond it's own strentgh it would endure through time.

Here is the sad part. What if someone went insane by it's existence started beating in with a hard fairly rock. Layer upon layer would fall to the ground. With a still perfect or almost perfect monlith standing there.

Again right here like nothing else ever seen.

Purpose other than one. It close to being a Crystal. Crystals radios waylengths determine by material used. Actions taking place on crystal. Absorbing at light. Existing. Breaking layers.

Telling we still haven't dropped the biggest bomb. Went insane and hammer it till it went away. The sun of one of the possible life bearing planets hasn't burned the surface away. Super nova.

Just a interesting idea.

For us now it would be you are not here yet.

Bob L. Petersen

This writing is based on something written arould March 8 2009

Bob L. Petersen

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2001: A Space Odyssey

Author C. Clarke's monolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey

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Author C. Clarke's monolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey

I wanted 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith in Blazing Saddles. Then it started from there, something more technical.

Captain Benjamin L. Willard: Why do you leave the cards.

Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore: It drive the slopes crazy.

Author C. Clarke said,"To ever level of intelligence something is majic.

From the guy with the pet mouse name TANGO who's probably Ben Kenobi. Benjamin Willard