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A 1000 line poem
Bright side
My only published one
On Sabbatical Will answer Contact
Alternative poem
Good or Bad Who knows
True Lies And Total Recall
You only live twice
James Bond
Seann Connery
A Dangerous
A poem then it's lyrics bowing to a sound
By Procol Harum
BAD The old Bob the Evil Bob

Rhyme And Verse Poems And Poetry
Bob L. Petersen

A Poem For The Day
I decided to arrange the epic length and write this
It's hard to find words that rhyme with this

Today I need to write a poem about something

But peoples comments today are starting to sting

What was once just a patch the grew one great story

It seems it's spawned many increasing it's glory

Now Jacob's coat of many colors unlike the others

Is the coat of souls pocessing the souls of others'

It is hard to put the one coat on

With seeing what laying in hell it did spawn

Wormwood no man will know when he has taken

One must enjoy doing or you are faken

You have before just enjoyed seeing burn

From now on it's always someone's turn

Bob L. Petersen

Another project another thought about how to write one

The poem on what is labeled page 1. I how I became capable of making up and saying me own poems at will. There are many thing in the past that make it possible and I have included most of them in the poem. The verse contain seven words. When I am finished I going to length them to 9 syllables and to 11 syllables for the more standard aproach. The full Iambic pentameter.

Music may vary both it's pitch and speed. Movies now are shown at 24 frames a second. 24 frames a second to absorb is is and relaxing. It first tim I wrote this I wrote 20 frames a second not 24 frames a second. 20 cycles is what rem sleep has. Yes that is important. Sit back and watch. The music and sound will varly to put you closer to the right feel. Certain thing are hard to show at that speed. Some thing will appear jumpy. In action movies right now they are letting show. A picture overload during the time you wish you knew how the hero is going to save himself. If I could figure it out I could be etc. Gladiator and that end of the world as we know it british show.

George Lucas has said with the new 24 bit base camera and digital play back he is waiting for variable frame speed. I am thinking of borrowing from George Lucas for one version of this poem normal 11 for normal and 7 for the more intense.

Bob L. Petersen

George Lucas the shark is in the water.
Bob L. Petersen
Rhyme verse poems poetry with a 0 catch
Bob L. Petersen

The poem on how I came to be able to somethings to verse
is below this imformation about one of my little looks at
something or projects.

Conquistador Don Quixote different age different place
Any author trying to write one or look like the other
In it may be parts of things not used. Bad?
No! Like Conquistador the idea is to live

I tried figure the all possible whys

For him trying to say his goodbyes

Conquistador by poco harem is the song

Someone watching one man fighting a throng

Conquistador as the doom begins to fall

And there is snow upon it all

Even if he last the hole day

We will able to find your way

Someone else will get you not me

Someone else chasing is what I see

If we stay we may kill you

But looking for you sweep right through

But of yours only you may die

Or then not so important say goodbye

They are as mad as we are

I see by their way a far

Or did you just bring them here

Now we have them also to fear

And I can see no way to unwind

And I can see no way to unwind

I wanted to name my car Conquistador

Made with parts from my father's Matador

I would've let anybody have ride

I would know what you would hide

And I can see no way to unwind

If the story does come from me

Forbidden Planet David Bell stay away One OH MY GOD Please