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currents curvature redistribution fabric
affine geometry Lie algebra
Math point line exchangeable
two dimensional appearence of a three dimensional object actions appear fluid over time but they are more complex then what you can understand.
At what point and for what reason will they "pile in" on one another.



simplest blank

mickey mouse

The limit of as y as blank approach F.

Two two normal and blank


2 makes 2 1 and 1 make 1 conservation


apples and oranges how are they made.

charge rays size surface

fitting point




nondense amoung the dense



spin what is the weight of spin

elements what is the weight of elements

My oldest friend now from the mud in front of my heel in math class. I knew in was drying enough when I discovered it there that it would soon be a problem. I could see it flicked from it spot and proceeding me down the hall.

I'd just give it a compact shape and put it in my pocket. One sweeze, one peek see what to do next. It's four sided space figure.... With equal sides...It's not an equilateral pyramid. These sides are only isoscele triangles not equilateral triangles.

I ran into the question on the SAT and went up front but you never heard of me. Later you'll hear of a kid that wanted that point more. His family wanted him to have that point more.

Years later I will occur to that that is a rotation the changes two equal one different you can only go in one direction at a time world, if your matter.

How isoscele how fine wave. wave is zero right alone the line.

Greeks 60 sided space figure whose sides are pentagons. What is the on the other side a point. Which would you think you would want. Is it every really there actually.

If that then indicates direction then what about both ends being being "passed through"

This is important right hand rule. Stick it.

All things have to remain balanced The increase in MASS. They could change.

The little thing is working right.

It is a great figure to think about because you can't easily construct one in your head.

ALmost there. Multiple things going on at the same time almost there.

Schroedinger's Cat

Back to the large wave that you can see through. It doesn't have to extractly be there it has to sum to there

Danger getting your logic thought web to complex to early.